Sins of a Solar Empire - Entrenchment

Sins of a Solar Empire - Entrenchment 1.0

Sins of a Solar Empire - Entrenchment is a micro-expansion for the Sins game
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Sins of a Solar Empire - Entrenchment is a micro-expansion for the Sins game. It is the first of two expansions scheduled for this incredible real-time strategy game. It adds new structures, ships, and most importantly, it changes the way in which the game gets played. If you have ever played the original game, then you must have wondered why there weren't any defensive structures that really could tackle the job of defending your colonies. The only way you could defend yourself was to leave a fleet of ships home and hoping that those would be enough to repel an invasion. Or you would have to send some ships back constantly to keep your enemies at bay. Well, Entrenchment helps that by adding several new structures and by creating a totally new change of balance between the main species. The new units include the TEC Argonev base, which is ideal for main defense, among others. Entrenchment also serves as a game patch, fixing numerous bugs that were present in the first game. Speaking about the original game, you do need it to install Entrenchment. All in all, this micro expansion is quite cheap and it adds some functionality that will allow you to keep enjoying Sins of a Solar Empire in a whole new level.

José Fernández
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